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I’m rather blessed in a way to have journeyed on the path of entrepreneurship back in 2016, where I started with my very own mobilespa┬ábusiness (yep, you heard that right, mobile spa business)

But the thing is, I wasn’t very proud of how I started, because at that time, I just quit working for another mobile spa company that I worked for, and the reason I quit is because of how bad I was treated at that company, toxic company environment and how little hope I see when it comes to progressing my career.

Also, it was my parent’s constant pressure that finally made me quit working in that company, and so 1 months before quitting, I started to look for another job, applying for several other marketing job offer on Jobstreet.

Now at that time, I was afraid to dive full time into entrepreneur, since I got no safety net (emergency savings), and I didn’t really have the experience of running a full time business successfully before. Even all the MLM business that I ventured in before failed miserably.

But when a colleague of mine heard that I’m about to quit, she had a better idea: to partner up with me and start another mobile spa company, and show our boss that time that we can do a better job, and become even more successful that they are.

I’m not proud to say this, but when you are treated like shit and have the boss talking bad about you all the time even when you’re doing a good job, you tend to get revengeful. And at that time, I simply act on my feeling and feel like starting another mobile spa as a direct competitor was worth it.

So I ended up choosing the path of entrepreneurship instead of opting for a day job. So within the last month of working, I worked super hard to gain every marketing knowledge I can and source all the product necessary to get my spa started.

Long story short, me and the other partner who’s a therapist got our business started. I gave our business an online presence, have the social media up and running and we’re on business. However, it wasn’t exactly an easy start. We barely get any customer the first month. And life was tough. Both of us have to resort to eating cheap food everyday. However, we do have some customers that stay loyal to my partner that time, and that kept us from not becoming beggar down the street.

And… due to desperation, I ended up doing the one thing that I’m shy to do all along, because one part of me was still afraid of my ex-boss knowing us, and who knows what kind of things she may do to us. Anyway, I have no choice but to pull the greatest marketing technique that I know at that time, which is to get celebrity endorsement of our spa.

And I did it.

Got 1, and then the other and then more. And then this happens. Continuous improvement.

The explanation is in BM since my partner only understand Bahasa Melayu and a bit of English.

So yeah, I finally had my first success as an entrepreneur. And life was good.

There was some form of freedom, and I like to be able to drive and see all the rich people’s houses, meeting with the customer, then dropping off the therapist to work their magic on the customer. And I made sure that our customer service is tip top so we get repeat customer and I won’t have to do marketing as much.

Our website is getting free customer all the time too. I was able to get it to rank in top 3 for certain mobile spa keywords, and top 1 for some.

Another good ROI to enjoy. So life was good for quite some time.

But there’s one thing that I’m not proud of as well. Terrible financial management. Even I was spending money like crazy and didn’t have saving at the end of the day.

And then there’s the issue of my business partner who is comfortable, and not willing to grow.

So that issue kinda drags for some time, but on many occasion, I just kept quiet. Because she was also the lifeblood of the company. Without her doing the service delivery, our business will be put on a halt.

But I guess, at some point, I had enough as well, and confronted her. And guess what happens? My worst nightmare happens. She threatens to leave, and just let me have the business for myself.

But I didn’t want to forever be part driver, part marketer and managing the business. It’s not the life that I wanted at all.

So after deep discussion with my partner that time, I decided to quit and gave her full control

“Wah, that’s so kind of you Irwin”, that’s what most of my friend would say.

So what’s next then? Well, since I discussed the ownership transfer nicely with my partner, I still have one month to figure out what’s next.

And for me, I’ve always dreamed of living the laptop lifestyle, or a digital nomad. And I decided that I’m gonna have to work as an employee again, but this time, really learn from the people who have done it.

So I immediately google some of the top internet marketing guru in Malaysia and reach out to them to see whether they are willing to hire me, or whether they have any open position.

And sure enough, I messaged some of them, and long story short, out of the 5 that I messaged, one did reply. And I was lucky in a way. One of them happened to have a marketing position open just as I was searching for the job.

I guess the universe really plays out in my favor, even the hard times. Hallelujah!

So long story short, I got the job.

And that provided me a bit more financial stability while also being able to see and work behind the scene of how online marketers are able to make 5 – 6 figures or more easily.

And the team there is awesome and I really enjoy working with them. My boss a.k.a mentor Edmund Loh really did a great job of running a company with great culture.

one of our recent photoshoot in Putrajaya. We don’t normally dress up professional for work. In fact, i wear flip flop to work pretty much everyday. ­čśÇ What matters is results and performance, and flip flops doesn’t affect any of that.

And this is where I get an incredible learning curve to enhance my online marketing skills.

And before I knew it, I have created dozens of copies, sales pages, writing emails, testing funnels, and basically all the things that is necessary to create a successful online launch.

But on top of this day job, I was free to pursue any entrepreneurship endeavor as well. And my boss actually encourages it. He really wants all the staff to be successful and he always seek to create more winners in his company.

But the fact is, I don’t really need his or anyone’s permission to do entrepreneurship. It was already in my blood. And I know from experience how to start a business from scratch and make it successful. But given the little time I had after work, I won’t be able to run a business like I was previously.

So what do I do on the side then?

Well, thanks to what I learn at my company, I turned my knowledge of running spa into a 6k coaching package which I then pitches to other mobile spa owners who were my competitors before. How do I convince them that I come on good terms?

Well, I wrote quite a long sales page for that. In Malay some more.

And guess what, it works.

2 out of 5 mobile spa owner that I approached sign up for my coaching package.

You can read the full post here where i share the story in excitement lol

But the one thing I want to prove is this.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a full time job.

It is in fact just a mindset.

As entrepreneur, you are spending time to solve someone else’s problem, while being paid reasonably for your products or service.

And the more people you serve, the more you make.

But I gotta say, it’s not an easy path. It took me failure after failure before I make any breakthrough.

And God knows how much I endure the suffering of eating nasi goreng student, which is the cheapest meal (consisting of just rice and egg) that I can afford during the start of my entrepreneurship journey.

But the good thing about working in a company while pursuing entrepreneurship is you have a safety net. If you fail in your first few try, you still have your day job to support you and pay for your day-to-day expenses.

For me today, aside from doing my day job as an Internet Marketing Specialist, I help people and businesses to build a website, and show them how to generate a good ROI from it.

So what’s next for me?

Well, I always have the vision to do big things in life, and I’m sure the universe will present an opportunity for me to achieve just that.

So if you want to pursue the exiciting world of entrepreneurship, my first suggestion is to try be a freelancer first.

There’s tons of skills that you can learn in order to make a good side income from rendering a freelance service.

My go to skills are copywriting, designing website, and building sales pages, because these skills are rare and are in high demand.

And when it’s in high demand, well, you get paid good money for it.

So do just that.

Here’s one blog that I recommend you reading to get started.

  1. 65 Genius Ways How to Make Money Online Legitimately (on the Side) in 2018

And if you want to dive right into how to make 5 – 6 figures or more online, then I recommend you follow this guy named Yaro Starak.

He has a free pdf called The Blog Profit Blueprints that really spills out in detail how you can make $10,000 a month working just 2 hours a day.

It does sounds too good to be true, but his stuff is legit.

But one thing you have to be aware of: There is no such thing as easy money.

If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. (except Yaro, you’ll understand once you read his free book)

I would love to share many more examples here, but here one thing I realize about being a human. When we are given so much choice, we become indecisive.

So I would only recommend a few stuff rather than many.

If you have some questions or unsure of a certain online business opportunity, feel free to reach out to me.

I have a good knowledge of the online world and I can sniff out the scammy one from the legit one.

Anyway, thanks for reading so far.

By the way, you got any interesting entrepreneurship story that you like to share? Or some extra tips that can help people be a better entrepreneur while still keeping their day job?

Do share them in the comment section below. I would love to hear your story ­čÖé

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