Coca Cola $41 billion Marketing Secrets Revealed

Now, I’m not a particular fan with any high sugar products in the market, because they cause one of the major epidemics that humanity faces today: Obesity.¬†

And that also led to another major issue: Claiming the title of being the No.1 Killer of Men which is the Ischaemic heart disease and stroke, and according to WHO, that disease alone killed a combined 15.2 million deaths in 2016.

But of course, these manufacturers would deny the claims through lobbying and through brilliant cover-up marketing which paints a pretty picture in their consumer’s mind.

Now, condemning and coming out with facts is gonna take a long time, so let me just talk about what I want to talk about here:

How Coca Cola more than 10X their marketing budget of 4 Billion dollar and made $41 Billions in return.

That’s a HUGE return.

So how do they do it?

By associating their drinks with the feeling of happiness.

Just click the video below to learn more about their secrets.