One of the best thing that happened in 2019 was the fact that I signed up for Dr. Azizan Osman’s event called Zero Kos Marketing. It literally set a different tone and pace ever since I attended it.

But I had to admit one thing. I was sceptical about that guy. Ever since there was a news about his fake Doctor certificate back in 2016.

And since then, I never subscribed to anything he does or preaches on social media, not until I have a friend who shared with me a free ticket offer to his last event on 2nd and 3rd February.

So I was like, what have I got to lose right? So I signed up for 2 tickets, the other one for my partner and one for myself. Let me see what he brings to the table instead of me dwelling forever on my scepticism.

But we didn’t take the event seriously.

In fact on the first day, we slacked and woke up late, but still stick to our morning workout routine. So we take it easy and decide to went for just the evening session. We didn’t have a reason to go there except meeting with my old unimates which I haven’t seen in more than 5 years.

But I wasn’t able to meet my friend since there was little break time and she has to check in to her hotel. And since I’m meeting my other friends that night, I thought I might as well just join and see what’s it all about. Perhaps I would learn something, I said to myself.

And sure enough, the moment I entered the room, I was mindblown. It was 3pm when it started and the energy and intensity were through the roof. I was hooked immediately. The more I immerse myself in the entire session, the more I feel like I miss out a lot for not showing up early to the morning session.

Nevertheless, the wisdom I gained that evening alone was incredible. And my perception towards Dr Azizan Osman changed completely.

He was The REAL DEAL. THE OG. THE G.O.A.T. Realist. Sharp.

While on stage, he didn’t talk about his own achievement, instead he simply shared the achievement that all his students have achieved. They all are either millionaires or multimillionaire themselves, and they call themselves Titans – and you only qualify as a Titan once you break the million dollar mark.

And along with that, he shared so many free and powerful marketing nuggets that I always take for granted. No wonder he’s so successful and I’m not.

But most importantly, he was really on point when he shared that all strategies are secondary, and what’s most important when it comes to achieving success is a person’s character.

That’s when it hit me.

He talked about how most people failed to do even the simplest thing like showing up early. That hit me hard.

And he shared so many traits of a successful person and by the time he finished with all the criteria, I realized how complacent and lazy I have become over the years, and not really appreciate all the knowledge and opportunities that I came across in my life. No wonder my life was always up and down.

I didn’t take my life seriously like how I used to when I started my entrepreneurship journey.

And I got lazy and only do the easy things instead of the hard things in life that will take me one step closer towards my goal.

And I procrastinate a lot.

And I wasn’t consistent in taking actions.

And I was confused, didn’t have a clear vision in my life for the next 3 to 5 years.

And so many things.

In a way, I was devastated that Saturday evening.

That’s because the version of Irwin that I carry all along no longer serve me, except towards failure.

So that Saturday night, I did a lot of reflection. Especially finding out the traits and characteristics about me that doesn’t serve me, and to adopt a new habit and characteristic that will serve me for achieving success in the long term.

Same goes to my partner as well. We had a real deep hard talk about our life, future and how we should change part of ourselves in order to achieve our goals and dreams.

It was a very difficult conversation to have but it was also the most healing conversation that we have. We decided right there and then that we are going to do whatever it takes to achieve our goals, including letting go of our old identity.

So comes day 2, I was hungry. We were hungry.

And this time, we show up on time. There was no compromise anymore.

And throughout the day, we really absorb everything we can about everything that Dr Azizan taught.

We learn a lot. Dr Azizan taught so many golden nuggets when it comes to business. It was very fulfilling. And we know that we must be part of his Titan circle one day.

If I were to summarize the key things I learn in the 2-day event, it’s these:

1. Attitude is key to success

Things like showing up early, act fast instead of slow and clumsy. Also taking life seriously because ultimately your life and income is a reflection of your attitude. But for myself, the biggest change in attitude that I have to do is to finish what I started. Because I realize that I am easily excited over new ideas and getting them started, but I never get to finish them. That was my mistake. So now, I’m adopting a new attitude which is to finish the things that I started.

2. High energy is fuel for success.

Imagine driving a Ferrari but the driver is sleepy or low in energy. How fast and how far you think the car would go? Not far for sure. That’s why me and my partner create a habit to do HIIT workout early in the morning after waking up so we set our energy level very high, and that’s how we approach the rest of our day. There are other ways to keep your energy high like practising Tony Robbins Priming Exercise for example. We are commited to make this a daily habit, and we’ll see how that goes for 2019.

3. You need the right strategy for success. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a highly driven person or a lazy person. With a bad strategy, you will never achieve anything significant in your life. In fact, you’ll be wasting your time and probably get into depression because what you do just didn’t work out at all. That’s when you start doubting yourself which will compromise your path to success even further. But if you act on working strategies, you know that the action you took daily will take you one step closer towards your success.

4. You need a mentor in order to succeed in life.

Having a mentor can really cut short your learning curve to success by a huge margin, rather than trying things out by yourself. A good mentor will correct you and give you the right knowledge and guidance. So how do you find a really good mentor? It’s easy. Just go to Youtube or Facebook. Digest their videos and post. They usually share a lot of proven knowledge for success for free. Even Dr Azizan share a lot of free videos that will help you achieve your goals faster.

5. Never stop learning.

Dr Azizan, along with many successful people that I came across, all talk about one important thing when it comes to achieving success: Don’t stop learning, regardless of your age or where you came from. And this habit of learning has always been a part of me ever since I was a little kid, cultivated by my parents. But my biggest growth comes when I was introduced to the personal growth world when I enrol in university back in 2011. Since then, I’ve been a voracious reader of self-help book and despite a lot of trials and errors, I was able to start my own successful business. But that was just a small step towards a bigger goal in life. And to achieve the bigger goal in life, I must never stop learning and sharpen my knowledge.

6. Choose your circle carefully.

You often heard how you are the average of the 5 people you spend time the most right? It’s really true. If your life is not doing very well, then probably you have a circle of friend who isn’t doing that well too in their life. And if you happened to hang out with some of these friends, chances are they will fake or lie about their life, saying it’s all good and stuff. And if they’re the kind that always asks you to go out and have fun, kick them out of your life. Find real friends who take their life seriously and who is hungry for success. These are the friends you should hang out with. Or best yet, spend more time with your mentor as compared to the rest of your friends. Over time, you will learn why they are so driven towards achieving success in life.

7. Clarify and focus is key to achieving success.

The biggest mistake that people have is not knowing what to do in life. And they often took months and years before figuring out what they want in life. I do admit that different people do start differently in life and they might not have the right exposure when it comes to achieving success. But today we live in the age of Internet, where all kinds of information are available to us. Don’t know where to start? Google it.

But with so much information out there, it can be overwhelming for most poeple. And distraction can easily seeps in without them realizing it. Before you know it, you are surfing Facebook or Instagram or Youtube and spend hours digesting content that does not serve your growth.

So focus is key. Be aware of the things you do daily and always ask yourself whether those actions will help you achieve your long term goals or not.

In a nutshell, there’s a lot of learning that happened that day. But the real work begins after the event itself. There’s a lot of homework to be done. The most important takeaway that we get that day is to always start our day in high energy.

Hope you learn something from my sharing today. And if you’re a participant of Dr Azizan’s event, do share what is your biggest takeaway from the event. I would love to know about them too.


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