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Give Me Your Input For This Book As I Teach You The Profound New Wisdom On Becoming Successful And Happy At The Same Time

What's I've Written So Far:

  • The truth of why success don't usually go hand-in-hand with happiness
  • A simple yet very powerful practice that happy and successful people are practicing daily to greatly increase their overall level of happiness
  • Learn an ancient Hawaiian practice that enables you to let go of fear and be spiritually aligned to achieve success in perfect flow
  • Discover simple tools and practices that you can do to achieve clarity for your future
  • The 2 skills you need to master in order to achieve more success in life
  • A simple productivity hack used by top performers to 10x their ability to get things done without suffering from burnout!
  • Learn a powerful mind hack so that you feel as if God or the Higher Power is pulling you towards your goal, instead of relying on sheer willpower and motivation. (No B.S - I'm practicing it almost everyday)
  • Discover the most powerful affirmation words that will help you unleash your true potential and achieve anything that your heart desire

So currently there's 8 key ideas, tools and strategies that I've shared in the book, and yet due to my "Perfectionist Syndrome", I have More than 30 to go... which is killing me.

But instead of locking myself in a dungeon and be a caveman for months or years writing this book…

I want to make it way simpler. In fact, with your input, I might trim down unnecessary ideas above so I can share ideas and wisdom that will have the biggest impact on your life. 

So here’s how we’re gonna do this. 

Just take a few minutes to answer 6 questions in the form below and that’s it!

All I wanted to know is what’s the biggest problem that you’re currently facing today so I can focus on solving just that. Answer as honest as you can and do rest assure that your submission is completely anonymous. 

And by participating in this, you only need to pay $7 dollar when I’m done writing (joking)

I will give it away for FREE! Provided that you also give me your feedback for the final draft. Consider this your present from Santa 🙂 

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