I’ve completely deleted everything from my blog and start anew. Here’s why.

If you have been following my website for a while, (which I’m sure nobody does since I have a belief system that caused me to stay low for many months) I’ve completely deleted every content of my blog (this one) and went back to a blank drawing board.

If you’re wondering why…

It’s because I’ve held on to old thinking and achievement that is keeping me stagnant. The ego of my past achievement makes me feel that I’m on top of the world. That I have accomplished far between than those of my peers and people I grew up with.

But that in fact, as I realized it, is a TRAP.

And it made me somewhat poor again.

It caused me to stop trying harder and get to the next stage of my life.

Then probably a few days ago over the weekend, I suddenly have the itch to revisit my past, and one particular moment stuck. It was the day where I was introduced to the world of personal growth by a former classmate and close friend of mine, and also his idol, Steve Job, and along with it, the quote that changes my life around.

It was a Steve Job quote that says:

If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I doing today?

At that time, I was still just a freshman at my university, and I don’t have big dreams as I was brought up in life where my parents simply wanted me to secure a good paying job. At that, in their vocabulary, is a great achievement in life.

Although I believe there’s much more in life than just being stuck at a job for pretty much the rest of my life, I don’t know what other choices I have in life. Originally it was to become a doctor, but that dream went down the drain since my GPA wasn’t 4 FLAT. All my Chinese friends got theirs, but not me.

But when I met that classmate of mine, it changes everything.

He opened up my eyes to the world of entrepreneurship. And I never looked back since.

But things didn’t turn out as pretty as I thought it would be.

In fact, it took me at least another 5 years to finally venture into full-time entrepreneurship on my own, and it was scary.

As scary as it may seem, when I looked back today, I am glad that I took that plunge. If not, I will probably be stuck at a job I don’t like today, and I don’t think I’ll be here writing this, or even having my own blog, or even thought that earning 5 figures is possible.

Now that I’ve reached this level in my life, I realized that my ego is slowly destroying this life that I’ve created for myself.

I started becoming comfortable, becoming arrogant, negative, and just wasn’t grateful as I was before. I wasn’t invested as much in my client’s successes as much as when I first started. I knew I could have done more, but I wasn’t.

So I asked myself that Steve Job question over and over again until I finally decided that it’s time to reinvent myself, and achieve that goal that I’ve always wanted all my life:

True Freedom.

It wasn’t financial freedom just yet, but just freedom.

I just want to free myself from all kind of attachment to my current life; the apartment that I’m renting, my car, and whatever loans and other financial commitment that I have and just be free to travel the world while being able to support myself with income that I generate from the Internet.

For me, that’s a very scary leap. But I’ve experienced this before. Same feeling when I went all-in from the safety of a corporate job to full-time entrepreneurship.

And I know for sure that there’s a greater and more exciting life awaiting me when I get to achieve that.

That’s what I set to achieve by the end of this year.

And I decided that I want to achieve that by helping others to achieve their goals, to help them find their purpose, to lift them up, and to help them find meaning and purpose in their life.

Let the journey begins.


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