People don’t become successful by accident.

That was the word that really hits me when I was randomly browsing through Youtube and stumbled upon a video about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Here’s an excerpt of his words which always reminds me to focus on the most important thing: My goal.

” The most important thing is you have a vision. That you have a goal. Because without the vision and without the goal, you’re drifting around, and you never gonna end up anywhere. people don’t become successful by accident.

So you got to really have this specific goal and to me, to have that vision that I want to be Mr Universe, that I want to be the greatest bodybuilder of all time. That was a great vision and specifically look like Reg Park, and to be up there on stage, and to lift that trophy up my head, and to win that championship over and over again.

So that was a great goal. You got to have a goal. Now it doesn’t have to be that specific, but you have to have some goal.”

When you have a clear vision or a goal, you will never drift away doing things that don’t serve you. Start by thinking about what you want to achieve in this world. What kind of lifestyle you would like to achieve, and write it down.

And here’s one trick I learn from a renowned psychologist and therapist Marissa Peer, use words that paint a picture inside your head. Because our brain responds to pictures, not words.

So let’s say for example you wrote down the goal: ” To make 5,000 a month by December this year”. That wasn’t so inspiring isn’t it? So to truly write something that creates a picture inside your head, try add “so that” after you finish your sentence.

So again, let’s say your goal is to make $5000 per month by December. Why?

So that you can finally go for that vacation at the Maldives that you always dreamed of. Being able to walk on those white sandy beaches, overlooking a magnificent view of the clear blue ocean. And all your stresses just melt away in this beautiful paradise. Better yet, your partner would really love and appreciate you more for being able to achieve your goal.

Now, it’s that better?

That’s how you should write your goal. And once you wrote them down, try to get a picture of your vision on your bedroom wall that you can see every day. It will keep you inspired and gives you the energy to push forward to achieve your goals.

Click the video below if you want to see how Arnold himself talk about his goals and making it a reality. Enjoy.

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