What My Parent Did Right

First of all, I love my parent, and I appreciate that they are always by my side and supports whatever decision I make in life.

And that’s a good thing.

Basically I had all the freedom to pursue what I really want in life.

But if I were to compare what they taught me vs what I learn from life itself, there are certain things that I wished they taught me especially entrepreneurship. But given their circumstances, I don’t blame them for not being an entrepreneur themselves.

You see, my parent came from a background of farmers and hunters, just like most people in our hometown or longhouses. For them, the only way to live a better life is to have a proper education. And Sarawak is very thankful to have been ruled by the British who brought over their education system to the public schools in Borneo.

And I’m blessed that my both my parent do everything in their ability to pursue wisdom and excel in class, to eventually getting drafted to become a teacher themselves. And get this, less than 10% of students actually graduate from high school, so my mom and dad who was able to graduate that time was a pretty big deal to the community.

They earned not only respect, but a secure passage to a better life.

So growing up, I really looked up to both my parent as a great role model. And even though they encouraged me pursue a better career as a doctor or an off shore engineer, or at least a teacher like them, these career path just didn’t really vibe with me.

But I was glad that whatever my decision is in life, my parent has been very supportive of me. So through up and downs, I am here today because of the support of my parent. Now that I am at an age that consider marriage as the next stage of my life, I too shall pass on some of the traits and quality that my parent did right, and what I believe make up the success that I had today.

And here are some of them:

1. They taught me how to read, write, and cultivate a love for reading inside of me

This is probably one of the biggest reason for all my successes today. Especially the ability to read and speak in English. While this is compulsory in the public education system, my parent actually taught me earlier at home even before I went to elementary school. So I got an early start than most student my age and I aced English all the way through high school, where English is still part of the subject taught. Little did I know that this skill is the one thing I need to access the incredible wisdom from the tons of personal growth books available in the bookstore.

Even if I master my native language which is Iban, there’s not a single book available in the market is being written in that language. So if I didn’t master English in the first place, I guess I’m pretty much limited in every way when it comes to accessing wisdom itself.

However, seeing how much my life has changed since I taken up my first personal growth book, I do wished that they introduce me to the world of personal growth at an early age, instead of just reading random story books or the school text books. But I’m thankful for my childhood nonetheless.

2. They ensure that there’s food on the table

When I grew up, food was always available on the table. And once in a while we do have fancy dinner where my dad would book the biggest crabs from fisherman. All this on a teacher’s salary.  So I’m grateful for all this since I know for a fact that most people in my community are still farmers who work on their farmland and reap what they sow. So I grew up quite comfortable throughout my childhood and this is what I will do when I become a parent one day.

3. They taught me the value of respect

Respect the elder they said, and as a kid, we don’t have much choice do we? Well mine is 50/50. I tend to have the habit to question everything in life, so I was kinda rebellious in a way when my parent gave me advice. Nevertheless I still respect them, and only recently that I learn to just accept their advice even though it contradicts to my own belief.  And that’s what respect is all about.

4. They cultivate a love of nature inside me

My dad love bonsai. He has a thing for perfection and he cares for his bonsai very dearly. And sometimes he would also take me to our farms and taught me how to plant trees especially durian trees. And we plant a lot of things around our houses especially fruits. So I grew up loving nature and respecting the intricate ecosystem of nature and rainforest.

5. They taught me to save money & invest 

Yes, they taught me that habit, but I was too rebellious to listen to their money advice till my early 20s. So I got into a lot of trouble. Got broke on multiple occasion, as I always spend all my salary and money regardless of how much I earn. It wasn’t until very recently that I finally realized the importance of saving and investing money into a growth fund or retirement fund so that one day I can retire early with good passive income to do what I love in life.

6. They taught me how to help others without expecting anything in return

I remember this one time where our family is having a road trip when suddenly we came across a driver who just had an accident. It was dark that time, and quite scary, but my parent decided to bring the drive to the nearest town so he can take care of his situation while we continue our journey. And when that drive offered some money to us, my parent declined. This was probably the earliest memory I had of my parent’s kind deed.

And I remember my parent who told me how they helped my cousins, and their siblings to finish school even though they were just starting their career with very minimal salary. Yet my dad still gave them pocket money because their parent couldn’t afford to do so. Not an easy task, yet he managed to pull it off and put a lot of his siblings and cousins through school, where most of them ended up doing better in life.

And this is a value that has become a large part of my life. Helping others without expecting anything in return.

7. They allow me to pursue my own path in life

This is probably the best thing that ever happened to my life. I’m sure it was difficult for them to accept my decision to not pursue a safe career path, and instead pursue entrepreneurship. It’s an uncharted territory for me and my parent. But I knew it’s what I want to do in life in order to achieve the lifestyle that I dreamed of. And I’m glad that they fully support me in every way, even when things aren’t going well. But I’m grateful for all the mistakes that I made, even though they are painful, because these painful mistakes serves as my greatest teacher.

All in all, I’m grateful for everything that my parent has done for me and my siblings too. Because without them, I wouldn’t be here today, achieving all the successes that I had, or even be here to blog about this.

Anyway, here’s a major throwback to our family picture 🙂 Mom sent this for this blog 😛

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