I made a commitment to praise at least one person a day, and I can’t believe how much I’ve transformed because of it.

The best part about it?

I feel more at flow with life again.

And the reason I can notice that difference is because for the past few months of my life, I tried to operate under the “feel the pain and seek pleasure” mode. Which means I attach pain to my current life in order for me to get uncomfortable so that I arrive at a pleasurable place which is somewhere in the future.

The thing is, operating in such a way do works.

But the amount of stress that I experienced is immense.

Also I kinda became quite lonely as I was ignoring pretty much everything else in my life, especially social life. But I thought it was a good thing since I’m giving my full focus in my business venture.


Operating in pain gives me a lot of breakdown. I get easily agitated, tired, sad and pretty much all sorts of negative emotion easily.

It was really a roller coaster ride of emotion. Not really a good way to live life.

So while I do get results, and happy once in a while, I just didn’t really like the constant up and down of my emotions.

However, I do know how to live in flow, because I have practiced doing it for years.

The only setback, and the only reason I try the “attach pain to life” mode is because I tend to became comfortable and not pushing really hard to achieve my goals and dreams.

Heck, I don’t even feel like achieving any goals and dreams since I was so zen and literally have zero attachment to life.

So life is happy and zen, but it wasn’t exactly helpful when it comes to my financial.

You see, I have made some bad financial decision years back, causing me to rake in 5 figure in debts which I still pays till today.

So being in zen mode doesn’t really give me the push and urgency I need to solve my financial crisis.

That’s why I tried the “attach pain to life” approach, which sucks.

So what do I then?

I went back to doing 6 phase meditation again.

I started to give thank to just one thing each day, and now I’m already 2 weeks in.

I started to say “I am enough” every single day, and I feel good.

And because I feel good about myself, I started finding myself becoming more connected to the people around me, even strangers.

And I find them to be really friendly and starting a conversation with them is just effortless.

Giving a smile and eye contact also don’t make me feel awkward anymore.

And I liked it.

So I decided that around 2 weeks ago to give at least 1 sincere praise to at least a person in my life.

Be it a person I know, or a random stranger, or even the cook who prepares my breakfast and lunch.

I would tell them how tasty their food is and that’s it.

One praise right there.

And then I remember what Richard Branson said about giving praise to people:

image credit: Ed Gregory

So now that I’m 2 weeks in, it has become a natural habit of mine to just give praise to anyone, and usually it’s more than once in a day.

And I can’t tell you how much my life has improved.

The first major chances that I experience is the fact that I feel a very strong connection to the people around me.

Like I said above, I don’t feel awkward anymore. In fact I feel even closer to them. And I find that I am more happy in general.

Secondly, I feel more grateful in life.

Being able to see how the people I give praise to feel happier and appreciated, I also give thanks to God for their presence in my life, because their presence makes me happy too.

Thirdly, I got unexpected blessing coming my way. 

When I gave praise to people, conversation opens up and both me and the person tends to share more of our life story to each other. And that’s when you feel like both of you shares a bond that you normally share with a childhood friend of yours.

So one leads to the other, and eventually you talk about what you do for a living.

And unexpectedly, I find out that I can actually solve their problem or help them get to the next level with my skill.

So in the past 2 months along, I secured 2 additional web project from complete stranger.

Good money? It’s irrelevant.

I’m paid market rate, but the one thing I value is the connection I made with that person.

Because ultimately, it’s the quality of life that matters, and my life has never been so amazing

And it all starts with deciding to change, and to just praise other people.

Praise lift people up, as Richard Branson says it.

And it has been true all along.

So start praising people. It will change your life.

P.S: I do get higher engagement on social media, and for once in my life, I don’t feel so isolated after all ­čÖé

To more praises and for a better, happier world ­čÖé

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