How would you like to have a website that you can easily edit and maintain without any coding or design skill?

Or better yet, how about having a website that pulls in leads and sales and not just sitting there gathering dust?

irwin umban web design funnel creation landing pages

Work with someone who understand digital marketing. not just designing website for the sake of designing website.

I’m not like most web designer out there. I don’t know how to code much but I do know how to turn any websites into a money printing machine.

That’s because I’m an entrepreneur first before I’m a web designer. I care about helping you achieve profitably, or at least help you get one step closer to achieve profitability.

But the problem that most people face is they don’t really understand how to actually generate leads or sales from their website. All they care is that their website looks nice.

While I do care that your website looks nice, but if it doesn’t brings in money, then how would you sustain your business for the long run right?

Also there’s another issue where people overpay to get their website done, but once their website is done, they find it hard to edit or change the content on their website. 

That’s where I came in.

When you work together with me, you will get:

  • A nicely designed websites according to your liking & business branding
  • A website that you yourself can easily edit without any design or coding skills
  • A website that has marketing funnel built-in so it can start pulling in sales the moment your website goes live
  • A website that ranks highly in the search engine so your business will be shown first, not your competitor
  • A responsive website that’s optimized across all devices

All these, under affordable packages.

But before we get into the Packages, allow me to first introduce myself.

My name is Irwin. I have more than 5 years of experience juggling between multiple careers, from a copywriter, to digital marketer, to web designer, graphic designer, to a full time entrepreneur. Today I’m working as a full time digital marketer with a Fintech company while running a few side ventures including web designing.

I have this weird belief that web design is a way for me to contribute back to the society.  The way I see it, if I am able to help you create a website that helps your business grow, you will prosper. Your family are well taken care of. Your business would have it’s cash flow into other local businesses, which helps your local economy. 

Here's What I'm Currently Doing And Why It Matters

1. Digital Marketer For Loanstreet.com.my

I manage the entire digital marketing campaign for my company, both Adwords and Facebook Ads.

I also monitor and help improve the SEO ranking for my company website together with my amazing teammates. Just search some of these highly competitive keywords like “Personal loan”, “home refinance”, “motorcycle insurance”, “land financing” and see for yourself.

Our pages ranks highly for these keywords, which gives our website a lot of free traffics.

As you can see, large part of our website’s traffic is purely organic. 

 So image having free traffics coming to your website, which gives you free traffic, wouldn’t that be cool? 🙂

2. Webmaster & Digital Marketing Advisor for TallyPress.com

So what I do here is almost similar to the one I did for Loanstreet. I teach SEO skills to the content writers and also do my own SEO optimization as well. 

TallyPress gets most of its traffic from direct search and then organic search. That means TallyPress is getting a lot of free traffic to their website which helps to increase their revenue. (But they kinda add too much ad to their website which caused a lot of people to run away). Anyway, they’re making money. 🙂

3. Co-founder of QMobilespa.com

Q Mobile Spa was one of the business that I started in 2016 with a partner from scratch. I designed the website myself using WordPress and I was able to break 10k in sales in 3 months and continue to grow from there. 

Qmobilespa also appears no.1 in local search

And since I run a mobile spa coaching program, I help my clients rank highly as well.

Want similar result like this? Then read further. 🙂

Okay, final one. Let me just share with you my biggest project yet.

4. Product Launch For A Life Coach

Coach Kar Fei, me in the midde, and my girlfriend in the Pikachu shirt.

So Kar Fei is a life coach from Mindvalley. And I was lucky to have the chance to work with him to promote his seminar. He has an existing website but it was very hard to edit. So I revamp his website and now he can easily edit them whenever he wants. 

At the same time, I also helped him create an entire funnel from lead generation page to sales page all the way to purchasing. We followed the Product Launch Formula technique by Jeff Walker and managed to achieve 1% conversion (lead to sales) for his seminar. It’s a small number, but considering 1 sales is already RM999, the ROI has been positive. By the way, me and my girlfriend created that sales page. 😀

Here's what he says about my service

If you're keen to work together, here are my rates and packages.

Max No of pages
Lead Generation Page & Thank You Page with email integration
SEO Copywriting
1 target keyword
3 target keywords
5 target keywords
Web copy
Provided by you
Provided by you
Provided by you but I will help edit it
I will help you edit and write your website copy to be SEO friendly
I will help you edit and write your website copy to be SEO friendly
No of iteration
1 time
1 time
2 times
2 times
3 times
Fully integrated funnel
Video tutorial on how to use your website
Website Speed Optimization
very basic
very basic
Standard Optimization
Advance Optimization
Advance Optimization
Additional Support
1 month after website completion
1 month after website completion
3 month after website completion
6 month after website completion
1 year after website completion
User Journey/User Experience Design
Estimate Time For Completion
1-2 Weeks
2-3 Weeks
2-4 Weeks
2 months
2 – 3 months
Price (USD)
Starting from 1200

*Prices shown above does not include domain and hosting.

Here's a list of other websites that I've developed

(Some websites are offline as they have been discontinued by the client)

Personal Brand


Personal Brand

Amalina is a friend of mine who wants a travel blog to document her adventure. So I deliver that. Next step for her would be to monetize her content by selling ebook and travel courses.

View Website



Previously, Globalknox website was broken and their branding was off. They also wants a website that they can easily edit. So I gave them just that.

View Website



The client just want a website that she can easily edit for her business. Since the client is a writer, she come out with the copy herself while I help rearrange the information in an orderly fashion.

View Website



This client is under one of my premium coaching program. So I helped her design her website as well as doing the SEO optimization. I helped her run digital marketing campaign and develop backend funnel as well.

View Website



Another student of my premium coaching program. Same thing, gave the client her website and doing SEO optimization as well.

View Website



The client want a website she can easily edit as well. And she wants a clean and premium look as well for her business.

View Website


Personal Brand

A local author who wants a website that helps her build a community and push her book sales. And also a website she can easily edit herself.

View Website



A fitness coach who wants a website for her coaching program. I created a simple web page for her with online payment enabled.

View Website


Personal Brand

A tarot card reader who wants people to see her services and be able to book her with payment online enabled. Basic SEO copywriting delivered.

View Website

Ready to own a website that gives you At least 3X, 5X or 10X rOI?

I don’t just design website. It’s cheap. Anyone can do it these days easily. Instead, I bring you results. Sales. Conversion. Your website will at least include a simple funnel that has been proven to generate 5 to 6 figures in sales for my clients. You’ll be getting a website that will give you more than 10X the ROI. And my rate starts from RM3,500 and it’s non negotiable.

If you’re keen, then click the button below to contact me. I will ask a few details from you to get  a clearer picture of your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

No need. We can just conduct the meeting through Google Hangout or Skype.

Of course! And I will also guide you as well through the editing and maintaining process with a recorded video.

No need. You’ll pay by stages. But I will take at least 40% in upfront payment.

A lot. But to make things a WHOLE LOT easier, I would recommend you to actually submit through the form which will save both our time. 

But if you want me to fully come out with the copywriting, design and visual, you’ll have to be ready to invest more.  

It will come mostly from you. But I will offer some advice on your copywriting.


Unfortunately no.  As much as I wanted to help, I will never compromise on delivering quality and standard. 

If you want  cheap, there are other web designer out there who are willing to design cheaply.

If you don’t have it yet, I can buy them for you. But it will incur additional cost for you.

You can share my hosting and it will cost you less as compared to buying your own hosting. 

You can still reach out to me. I’ve been doing this web design thingy for 4 years now, and I’m still going strong.