Get To Know Irwin

A little bit about my background

Hi there! My name is Irwin Umban anak Enchi or Irwin for short. I’m just a regular Iban boy born in Sarawak.

Career wise, I’m part entrepreneur, part digital marketer, part copywriter who’s really good in helping people creating and designing websites, funnels, – basically teaching and helping them monetize their skills and knowledge into a profitable business.

Anyway, for the most part of my life, I live a pretty normal life. Both my parents are teachers and I was raised to be just like them, or a doctor and engineer. (typical asian parents mentality). 

It’s not a bad career choice, except that my heart is wild and I always believed that none of these career choice vibe with me. I knew there was something else meant for me but I didn’t know what it is. 

That was until I entered University. And studied International Business degree by accident. And met a highly entrepreneurial classmate who introduced me to the world of entrepreneurship and personal growth – which changed my life forever.


But Life Wasn't As Easy As It Seems

I would continue to live my life facing multiple failures, in business, relationship,