Hi, my name is Irwin. Strip all the titles and achievement I’ve had over the years, and you’ll just see me as a regular guy who knows how to live in a happy, beautiful state. And also someone who can crack a joke or two, or many. 😀

Usually, people find me for 3 specific reasons:

  • When they need to get a website done or when they want to start a profitable online business.
  • When they feel lost, depressed and confused in life (I help them get out of it and teach them what it takes to live a happy, fulfilling life.)
  • Whenever they need someone to lighten up any party or occassion. Optional, but call me and I’ll spread that good vibes across your events.

I guess this is better introduction other than the typical way someone who introduce themselves in their about me page, which usually go like this:

A digital marketer, copywriter, funnel creation expert, diy-enthusiast, lifehacker, mythbuster, storyteller, web designer or web developer.

Which makes you sounds like a God whenever someone reads it. But I find it kinda boring. If you define my work with those titles, yes, I fit in all those, but I would rather sticks with the 3 things I mention above.

Anyway, what’s my blog is all about?

Although I love writing about my life lessons and stories, the reason why I started this blog is so that I can teach people how to get unstuck, set healthy life goals and how to achieve them. 

And the reason why I’m so passionate about this topic is because I was once a lost kid. Who had no idea what he wants to be or do in life, was always sad and depressed, was terrible in managing his money, bad at relationships, and it all became so overwhelming that he felt like there’s no point living life.

But still, during those dark moments, hope and miracles always seems to find their way into my life.

First, I accidentally met a highly entrepreneurial friend in university which would ignite my passion in entrepreneurship – at a time where I didn’t even know the meaning of the word entrepreneur.

Second, during the moments of depression and suicidal thoughts, I somehow discovered a book which got me out of the negative thinking pattern and achieve inner peace, and today I lives my life in the present, and total inner peace and love.

Thirdly, when it comes to relationships, after finding inner peace and self love, I found my other half by pure accident which became my now life partner who keeps growing together in all areas of our life.

Fourthly, after years of bad money management which puts me in a lot of debts and stress, I had major breakdown. But somehow miracle finds its way into my life, introduced me into teaching of T Harv Eker plus many others, which shifted my bad belief on money to a positive one. And now I’m taking control back and progressively paying back my debts while building up my savings and investment, as well as buying insurance – something that the old me won’t even think of doing.

So when I looked back into my life, God or the higher power always seems to find a way to help me out. And that is what I always believed in since. And that’s why as I pursue my goals and vision in life, I feel like it’s a calling to reach out to people who are lost, and to help them find their purpose and meaning in life, and helping them live their best life ever.

And that's why i wrote this ebook. It contains the best shortcut that I've learned to get out of a bad state and into a life of meaning and purpose.

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Let's Be Friends!

I love people. I love making friends. And I especially love connecting with people deeply and building real communities with real human beings. So, if you have room for one more friend, feel free to connect with me on my social media and say hi! 

A little bit about my background

irwin umban family

I’m just a regular Iban boy born in a small town called Saratok in Sarawak.

For the most part of my life, I live a pretty normal life. Both my parents are teachers and I was raised to be just like them, or a doctor and engineer. (typical Asian parents) But I know they always wanted the best for me 🙂

Career-wise today, I’m a digital marketer/copywriter who is working in a Fintech company. I used to run a mobile spa business for almost 2 years, and now I’m just a passive investor in that business.

In my spare time, I help people create and design websites and funnels – basically teaching and helping them monetize their skills and knowledge into a profitable online business.

I am a funny man in most occasions, but when it comes to work and business, I operate with a warrior’s mentality who’s always striving to win.

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