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Welcome to my blog 🙂

My blog serves as my personal diary, while also sharing wisdoms on personal growth and lifehacks to help people like you live a happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilling life.

Things I Write About

Healing + Food for Soul

I’ve cheated death and suicide many times and found enlightenment to turn my life around to live in zen and peace, and happiness. Not all the time, but pretty close to 100%

👦🧠 Life Diary + Mindset

I write about my life and things I do on a daily or weekly basis with some reflection attached. Also some mindset stuff that will help you live your best life.

💡🛠Lifehacks + Productivity

I constantly seek to achieve a specific result/outcome faster with minimal effort required or through some creative ways. Sharing some of my best lifehacks here.

💰🪙Investment + Finance

Somehow after chemotherapy I’m super passionate into investing my money. Also sharing advice from financially successful people on how they invest their money.

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