Hello there! I'm Irwin.

I am an Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, and a Lifehacker.

I am best known for my funny, happy and bright personality, and also my insatiable hunger to solve problems and get to the ultimate truth of things.

Quick Walkthrough Of My Background

I am born an Iban a.ka. the infamous headhunters tribe of Borneo. (Thank God we don’t practice that anymore.)

Anyway, just like every kids in my town, I studied in chinese school ever since kingdergarden and then SJK St Martin for junior high and then SMK Tinggi Sarikei for finish high school.

Then I went on to further my study in Matriculation College in Labuan pursuing life science and finally my degree in International Business in UiTM Shah Alam.

After graduation, I worked at whatever job I can find myself in, and somehow all of them are in the sales and marketing field.

And then in 2016, a fateful incident forced me to go into entrepreneurship full time – And changed my life forever.

There was a lot of bittersweet moment, but mostly bitter, where at worst I would accumulate 5 figures in debt, forced to eat nasi goreng student for months (the famous dish for broke student that comprises of only egg and rice with soy sauce)

But that’s nothing compared to what I suffer from internally. I had severe depression and had multiple occasions where I feel suicidal, feeling hopeless.

Pretty much every parts of my life suffered. I broke up many times with many girls. Relationship with parent was bad as I was rebelious. Piggybank was negative.

And when piggybank is negative, well, pretty much all aspect of my life was sh*tty.

But as it turns out, these bitter events was the saving grace I needed to turn my life around.

Because when you’re at the lowest point of your life, there’s only one way forward and that’s up.

When I’m broke and always falls into debts, it made me realize the limiting belief I have about money and enables me to adapt a more empowering belief to change my life around.

When I fail in multiple relationships, I realized that I wasn’t being a great lover and I realized how needy and unmanly I was in a particular relationship. I was taking from the relationship instead of contributing to it. So I realized that, changed my belief and turn my life around.

When I fall into bad depression to the point of suicidal, I realized how I didn’t have any filter or tools to combat that depression. But somehow God was kind to show me the right path through the book called Power of Now and many others which makes me a Zen person today, full of love and happiness.

When my business was failing and not getting new customers, I realized how much fear was holding me back, and how lousy my business strategies are. And then I gradually learn the right mindset and strategy to turn my business around.

I could cite many other examples from my life but the key lesson I learned is that life is a result.

Life is a result of our environment, which conditions our thoughts, which influences our feeling, which leads to a certain action and finally results.

And by understanding this process, I was able to constantly reinvent myself with new knowledge and belief system to achieve my goal of living a good life and make positive impact on this planet.

And because I see so many people around me that are still clueless about their life and how their mindset is affecting their life, I decided to make it a mission of mine to help these people by teaching them the wisdom that will help them live a happy and fullfilling life.

But since my mentors taught me to be specific on my mission, here’s the refined version of it.


I’m on a mission to impact at least 10 million lives before I turn 40, to help others find meaning, purpose and live a happy, successful life.

That’s why my blog exists today, in order to fulfill that lifelong bold mission of mine.

So by reading this blog of mine, you will receive incredible tips and advice that will help improve your life.

And there’s one more thing you have to know when you read my stuff.

I take a no B.S approach when it comes to sharing knowledge that will truly change your life.

Because let’s face it. There’s a lot of scam and bad advices out there.

I’ve been scammed multiple times myself and take very bad advice from people or other online sources that f*cked up my life.

So I don’t want that to happen to you. And that’s why I always get to the core of things and share with you real advice that will truly change your life around.

I’m not the best in the world but at least I know what it takes to live a meaningful, happy, and successful life.

So thank you for reading this far. And sorry for the strong adult language that I used. But when the world is full of lies and bad advices, you gotta learn how to protect yourself and say B.S to all those things.

If you decide that I’m worthy of following or getting advice from, then do subcribe or check out some of the materials that I have personally written below to help you achieve the happy and successful life that you deserve.

To a happy and successful life,

Irwin Umban

Live Your Happiest Life Ever.

Learn the 7 powerful practices that I personally use to live a happy, joyful and abundance life, while crushing my goals in life as well.

By The Way, Here's Some Cool Facts About Me.

1. Currently experimenting on living as a digital nomad.

2. Love fishing. It’s undisputed.

3. I’m a WordPress geek and love to experiment with new tools, gadget and marketing techiques so I can add more value to my clients.

4. I’m weird and funny, and can crack a joke when you least expected it.

5. I’m super skeptical about everything. And as a marketer, I saw how there are so many unethical marketers, even big corporations out there that gave false claims and promises and I seek to hunt them down and reveal them.

6. I love to do D.I.Y projects. Even do dumspter diving. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure right 😉

7. Love adventure, rockclimbing, and explore the world.

8. I love reading books and dedicate at least 1 hour a day to learning.

9. I live a moderate minimalism life. Inspired by the minimalist guys.

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