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Hey thereπŸ‘‹, I'm Irwin πŸ™‚

⬇️This is me in a nutshell.⬇️

Yeap, still fighting cancer. The fight is not over yet. Sharing cancer fighting tips as long as I still alive and breathing 😊

I love designing websites, especially funnel. Been doing it since 2016.Β 

My brain is hardwired to find ways to achieve growth, not just in my professional life, but personal life as well. See my linkedin for a comprehensive list of my achievements. I've even successfully run 2 six-figure side hustle so far. Going for 7 figure now 😊

With more than 8 years of experience as a digital marketer, I've basically touched every part there is to digital marketing from running ads, writing copy, designing funnels, split testing, email marketing, automation, SEO, content writing, optimization - you name it, I've done it all. But I love funnel designing and copywriting the most 😊

I live a holistic life. It's a nice way to live life. That's what I am now and what I love to do and share to the world as well. 😊

My fight with cancer has strengthened my faith in God and Christianity. Amen to that πŸ˜‡

My Mission in Life

I’m on a mission to teach people about holistic living. Holistic living means a lifestyle that enriches the mind, body, and soul.

But why? Why am I so passionate about holistic living?

Because of cancer. After being diagnosed with cancer in July 2022, my whole life changed. For the better. Before that, I wasn’t eating healthy food, I drank a lot of sweet drinks, ate like crazy, and always had flu and sinusitis, which I thought was normal, but was actually an indicator of inflammation inside me.

Only after being diagnosed with cancer did I truly become conscious of my body and the food and drinks I take.

I started by eating the right food to fight and kill cancer and nourish my body for better recovery. But eventually I found out that if I’d lived a holistic life throughout my life, I could’ve prevented cancer in the first place.

But it’s okay. Cancer is the most miraculous thing that has ever happened to me. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, and yes, I’m still fighting cancer, but because I live holistically, I enjoy incredible health, no longer have sinuses, barely have side effects from my cancer treatment, and I’m much more energetic than before. I also live a life of meaning and purpose while being pulled towards my life vision. You could say I’ve achieved transcendence in my mind, body, and soul. I’m truly grateful to God for this and to my wife because she helped and sacrificed a lot for me to become who I am today.

That is why I’m so passionate about holistic living.

Also, I'm passionate about investment and wealth creation as well.

Why? Because I used to suck at making and managing my money. Always in debt and borrowing money. Constantly fighting with my then girlfriend (now wife) about money. It was not until I worked on my money beliefs that my financial life started to turn around. Guess what, I didn’t actually save and invest my money until I was 30. And if I didn’t fix my money belief then, I would probably struggle even more as I fight cancer. This is because the treatments are not cheap, even though I have health insurance.

As you can see, the things I’m passionate about come from my greatest sufferings and struggles. Because I suffered, I want to at least, while I’m still alive and breathing, teach others so they can avoid or overcome suffering like I do and live a good lifeβ€”a holistic life.

More about my background~

I’m an Iban born in Sarawak, Malaysia and raised in a normal middle-class family household, destined to be either a teacher (like my mom & dad), an engineer, doctor, or a banker, or a lawyer. Thankfully, I was quite rebellious (sorry mom & dad), and was able to break free from that cycle and discovered my passion for personal growth, entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

After I was diagnosed with cancer (Lymphoma) around July 2022, I thought I’m gonna die (seriously). And I had a lot of reflection in my life. But thankfully, lymphoma is highly curable with chemotherapy, and so far I’ve gone through 6 cycles of chemotherapy, had my PET scan in Jan 2023, and was declared cancer-free.Β 

Unfortunately on April 2023, my cancer relapsed. Now I have to fight cancer for the 2nd round. But I’m so much more knowledgeable in fighting cancer now, and experience fewer side effects compared to my 1st round of fighting cancer.

But from this entire experience,Β  a new me is born. One that has incredible courage to do the many things I have not done yet before. It is also for this reason that I started blogging again. To share life-changing wisdom to help people live their best life.

Here’s me and my wife, Jean.πŸ’– She’s my partner in crime in life and business. Both of us are also obsessed with growing all aspects of our lives and achieving the life of our dream.

What I've been up to in 2023

  1. As of 30 Aug 2023, I’m still fighting cancer guys. But so far I’m not feeling any side effects from chemo and immunotherapyπŸ˜‡

  2. I don’t usually talk about things I do in progress, but I’m actually in the middle of starting a funnel design agency so I can help more people and businesses grow. I will still design funnels once in a while whenever possible.

  3. Actively documenting my life by taking more pictures and videos. So that I will have a lot of memories to share with my loved ones. Also because of #YOLO.πŸ˜†

Some fun facts about me

✨ I used to be suicidal but I’ve found enlightenment after miraculously discovering and reading the book “The Power of Now” around the year 2015. Also, I’ve successfully done Astral Travelling before. Since fighting cancer, I’ve strengthened my faith in Christ and the Catholic Church too, and I’m very blessed for this.

🧘Even though I’m a spiritual person, I’m also a very scientific and realistic person as well. This means I share my thoughts and wisdom backed by real data, research and studies. Also I love to myth-bust people who love to talk bullshit. (Inspired by the Mythbusters – my favourite TV show)

πŸ’Ό From 2016 – 2017, I started and run my own mobile spa business and broke 100k sales within the first 12 months. However, my partnership didn’t go too well and I had to sell my shares and move on.

🚌 I’m a big fan of campervan life. Both me and Jean are. In fact, we have lived in my sedan car comfortably for days before with proper ventilation installed. Once I’m healthier or become cancer free, we plan to take this passion of ours to the next level.

🀩 I’m a rather funny, cheerful and expressive person. And I plan to keep it that way in my writing. Which is why you’ll see me using a lot of emojis to express my emotions. πŸ˜‹

😽 I have 2 pet cats named Simba and Moo Moo. Simba can play fetch while Moo Moo is just a very big eater.

🌈 Also, you’ll notice that my blog is very colorful. That’s because my life is colorful πŸ™‚ And it has nothing to do with gay pride (nothing against them). I’m just genuinely in love with colors and it just represents who I am as a person.Β 

Get in touch

1. If you want to send me a quick message, or want to get my attention for something awesome, please message me on Facebook Messenger.

2. If it’s a longer thing, please email me instead. I read 100% of emails but there’s only enough time in the day to reply to around 30%. So expect some delay in my reply.

3. If you’re looking to hire me to design your landing pages, funnels and website, do reach out to me through my email or Facebook Messenger.