I decided to slightly change the direction of my blog

So instead of writing about so many things that I’m passionate about such as healing of mind body and soul, lifehacks, life diary and business/entrepreneurship, i decided to focus on just 3 things for the long term, which are 1. Healing of mind, body and soul 2. Wealth creation 3. Life Diary The reason why […]

Dotcom Secrets, the book that will help you create successful online business

I don’t remember what year exactly that I bought this book, (probably 2016), but it is partly responsible for me creating two 6 figure businesses and now, another one, for which I plan to add another zero to it 😝 7 figure business babehhh 😝😝 And I know I can do it because I’ve run […]

Chemo Diaries: A Peek into My Mundane but Meaningful Life

On 8th October 2022, most of the day are pretty mundane, with me watching a bit of Netflix, not reading any books because I just don’t feel like it and taking my meds and meal as usual. 2 things were pretty abnormal today. I feel inspired to work on my website design where I do […]