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Hello Beautiful People 😊

Looking for a talented, fun and creative designer that can design beautiful, high-converting Funnels / Websites that will elevate your brand, boost your sales, and impact more lives? Well, look no further.

I can help you with that, and in return, you will also indirectly help me build up my war chest to fight cancer and help more cancer patients.

Watch the video below and let me explain

video is only 3 minutes long (I'm notorious for recording long videos 😆)

Advantage of Working with me

Love & Care

Whatever I do, I

Professional and Customized Designs

I'll whip up designs that are so slick and customized, they'll make your competitors green with envy. Your website or funnel will be a visual masterpiece that perfectly captures your brand's essence.

Conversion-Driven Approach

Forget about just looking pretty; I design with conversions in mind. I'll sprinkle some magic dust on your website or funnel, turning casual visitors into loyal customers. Ka-ching!

Love & Care

Whatever I do, I

User-Friendly and Intuitive Interface

I create interfaces that even your grandma can navigate without breaking a sweat. No confusing jargon or mind-boggling layouts—just pure, intuitive goodness that'll have your visitors coming back for more.

User-Friendly and Intuitive Interface

I create interfaces that even your grandma can navigate without breaking a sweat. No confusing jargon or mind-boggling layouts—just pure, intuitive goodness that'll have your visitors coming back for more.

I Mainly Build Funnels And Websites On​


But also has experience building funnels and websites on

1595824049_gf logo

Doesn't matter the platform, but me and my team can implement a beautiful design in any of the platforms above so you can just stick to your current funnel design software.

Note: Yes, I’m not a one-man show. I do have a small team, and they are better and faster at designing on these platforms. This way, I can still help my clients design beautiful, high-converting funnels and websites without compromising quality and delivery 🙂

My Typical Design Process

1. Create moodboard with client 📔

I work with my client to create a mood board that captures the overall aesthetic, feeling and vision that they want to convey on their website.

During this phase, I will ask questions to get a clear understanding of their goals, values, and preferences. I will ask the client to share some web designs that they love as well. This information will help me to create a mood board that aligns with their vision and meets their expectations.

2. Establish brand and design guidelines🪄

Once I have a clear understanding of my client’s vision, I then establish the brand and design guidelines.

This involves creating a set of rules and standards for the website’s design, including typography, color schemes, and layout. The design guidelines will align with the client’s brand values and messaging.

This work usually goes hand in hand with Step 3. 

3. Creation of wireframe and prototypes📱

I will then create wireframes and prototypes to help visualize the website’s layout and functionality.

I use tools such as Figma or simple paper sketches to create these initial designs. The wireframes and sketch will provide a rough idea of how the website will look and feel, and they serve as a starting point for the website’s design.

Depending on the client, I may also skip the wireframe and prototype design part, and straight to designing the final draft because they trust that I can do a good job, which I usually do because I have such a high standard of beauty. 

4. Design the website / funnel🖌️

Finally, I will apply the design guidelines across all web and funnel designs, using the right colour, fonts, and imagery that aligns with the client’s brand and vision.

During this phase, I will also test the funnel/website’s functionality and usability to ensure that it meets the client’s needs and expectations and ensures a smooth user experience on desktop and especially mobile view. 


5. Happy client 😊

But of course, the client will usually have feedbacks, and then I will go back to make those changes.

So this process called iteration usually happen twice before my client is happy. 

Usually the changes are tiny, unless along the way the client has brilliant idea to add to their website. But that will incur additional work and additional charge if not stated early in the service agreement. 

Anyway happy client most of them are. 

Some of my Design portfolio

Do note that some of the websites and pages below are no longer online. Those that are online are clickable. Also, some websites are really old, like 4, 5 years old and my design aesthetic back then is not as good as where it is today. 😆

See The Before After

See the

Before After

of a website beautification A website for an education consultantscreencapture-internationalsuisseedu-2023-05-14-00_47_53-min

What my clients say

Testimonial from Coach Kar Fei,

Links to his Social Media Profiles:

Testimonial from Dave Rogers, Business Coach

Links to his Social Media Profiles:

Frequently Asked Questions

So here’s the honest truth. Yes, but there are times when I need to rest due to 3 reasons:

  1. I experience some severe side effects of chemo and need to focus 100% on resting, this may last for a few days or a week or so.

So how will it affect you as the client?

Minimal, because my wife can help me 

The project completion time will be disrupted, but we will get it done, with the help of my wife, and I also have a backup freelancer that can help me finish the design.

Unfortunately, I don’t do discounts. I mean, imagine me asking the doctors to discount my chemo treatment, how would that affect me?

Of course the doctors have to use lower quality equipments and cheaper medicine, and that will probably lower the chance of me surviving cancer.  

Same thing for my web design and funnel works. I deliver quality and beauty and I’ve priced it in a way that is reasonable for all my international clients. 

Also, I’ve successfully built multiple 6-figure businesses before, and I’ve run two 7-figure campaigns while working with a large Multinational company before, so the price you pay is nothing compared to the amount of revenue that you will generate later on. 

Sadly not at this moment. Because during chemotherapy, my brain is a bit foggy, and it affects my speech and ability to write. However, if you need copywriting work, I know a talented copywriter that I normally work with, and if she’s busy, I can ask a group of talented copywriters, each having their own niche an

We would first schedule a meet so I can better understand your vision and your business.

You may already have chosen a plan, but we can customize it in a way so that you get to the results that you want in the fastest way possible. 


I only take 50% upfront, and your project will commence once the payment has been made. 

The remaining 50% is to be paid within 7 days of project completion, and I will issue you an invoice for that.

I only do around 1% coding or none for all of my web/funnel design. And that’s a good thing because once I pass the website or funnel to you, you can easily edit the content yourself without any coding😊

Some behind the scenes with my clients

Whenever possible, I would meet up with my clients and hang out with them so I can get deep into their business and help them beyond just building websites and funnels.

So these are some of the photos of me and my clients 😊 I know these are not necessary at all. But in a way, I just want to show you guys that I value my clients not just as another lead or sales or numbers, but as a genuine human being 😊

Fun Fact: I designed this sales page while going in and out of the hospital. It doesn't feel like work, but it's because I find designing a very therapeutic process 💖🥰