When I’m not having any side effect from my chemotherapy treatment, life is pretty normal.

Except I do have a common side effect which occurs few hours randomly in a day, where my sense of taste and smell will go slightly haywire. Normal food will taste metalic and its not a pleasant experience.

That’s all the side effect I face in this 4th cycle. Normally in my 1st to 3rd cycles, my senses will go haywire for days at a time, so life feels kinda dull. It sucks. Thank God my body is adjusted better to the chemotherapy.

Recently me, Jean (my fiance) and her mom had an arabic food craving so we went to this nice Arab restaurant called In House in Publika. Their food is so heavenly 😋 😍 Especially one of their dish called Maluqba.

The tasty Maluqba (10/10)
Kebab lamb + chicken, i know, it looks like po*p
Their carbonara is damn good too.

Thank God my sense of smell and taste this time didn’t went sideway and I’m able to enjoy the food fully. 😇😇


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