From 10meter, to 20m, to 30m, to 100m and eventually this.

I’ve been running every morning without fail for almost 2 weeks now. This is the furthest I’ve run so far without feeling tired, post chemo ☺️☺️  wuhooo, on my way to being fit and lean

Pre chemo, I used to push myself to the limit when I run, but next day I would feel super tired and didnt run.

Now, I start small and do tiny improvement each run. I started from just 100m, then 200m, then 400m etc etc until i got to this point. It’s  better this way because I eventually developed a morning run habit 😙😙🏃💨 Now if I don’t run every morning, i will feel uneasy sudah huhu. It all thanks to the Book Atomic Habit by James Clear.

So I don’t just apply this to running, but also in work and some key areas of my life as well. Guess what, it’s better this way. I can get so many projects done by just being consistent (by creating habit surrounding each project execution) and I just get better and better each day.

Compared to before I have chemotherapy, I usually push myself to the limit, but I will suffer burnout, and my action is not consistent at all. Just like the rabbit when he was racing the turtle.

So the lesson here is… learn to be the turtle, instead of the rabbit haha. 

Like seriously, be the turtle. It’s ok to go slow, as long as your momentum or action is consistent. You will beat those rabbits, or any rabbits for that matter. Or as my imaginary brain visualises it, eventually as a turtle you will be able to upgrade your shell to have rockets and turbo in which your speed will even outperform the fastest animal on the planet.

race speeding GIF by Looney Tunes

Ok last but not least…

Here’s a selfie of my handsome face after the run lol. I actually and genuinely feel happy, and I even smile to a stranger and he smiled back too hehe. Spread happiness yall💓 💗 💛

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