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Looking for a talented, fun and creative designer that can design beautiful, high-converting Funnels / Websites that will elevate your client’s brand, boost their sales, and help them impact more lives? Well, look no further. 😙

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My Typical Design Process

1. Create moodboard with client

I work with my client to create a mood board that captures the overall aesthetic and feeling that they want to convey on their website. During this phase, I ask questions to get a clear understanding of their goals, values, and preferences. These information will help me to create a mood board that aligns with their vision and meets their expectations.

2. Establish brand and design guidelines

Once I have a clear understanding of my client’s vision by having a mood board, I then establish the brand and design guidelines. This involves creating a set of rules and standards for the website’s design, including typography, color schemes, and layout. The design guidelines align with the client’s brand values and messaging.

3. Creation of wireframe and prototypes

I will then create wireframes and prototypes to help visualize the website’s layout and functionality. I use tools such as Figma or simple paper sketches to create these initial designs. The wireframes and sketch will provide a rough idea of how the website will look and feel, and they serve as a starting point for the website’s design. If the client agrees with the initial designs, then I will proceed with the next and final step.

Depending on the client, I may also skip the wireframe and prototype design part, and straight to designing the final draft.

4. Apply design guidelines across all web and funnel designs

Finally, I will apply the design guidelines across all web and funnel designs, using the right colour, fonts, and imagery that aligns with the client’s brand and vision.

During this phase, I will also test the funnel/website’s functionality and usability to ensure that it meets the client’s needs and expectations and ensures a smooth conversion flow. This may involve conducting user testing, A/B testing various elements, and other forms of feedback to optimize the funnel/website’s conversion during the campaign/project duration.

Some of my Design portfolio

Do note that some of the websites and pages below are no longer online. Those that are online are clickable.

What my clients say

Testimonial from Coach Kar Fei, liferedesigned.co

Links to his Social Media Profiles:

Testimonial from Dave Rogers, Business Coach

Links to his Social Media Profiles:

Answers to questions that You guys Wanted to Ask

I have built so many funnels and websites before (since 2016) and I’m confident in my skills and ability to deliver great work for WARP as well. 😊 And I’m obsessed with results and conversion, so I’m constantly experimenting with tools, plugins and tech to improve funnel conversion, end to end.

Yes, I used to work for an internet marketing company called Musemancer and the founder, Edmund Loh is a PLR product creator. I was initially hired as a copywriter where I would write email series and copy for ads, landing page, sales page, upsell, downsell, VSL, and even the content for the digital products as well (Ebooks mostly), but my role also involves designing various landing pages, sales pages, upsell, downsell, checkout pages, thank you pages – basically a full funnel design. And I have used and experimented with various funnel design tools like Clickfunnels, Elementor, Cartflows, Kartra, Thrive Theme, Divi, and Optimizepress during this particular employment. 

In total, under Musemancer, I’ve designed more than 20 digital product funnels and also for Edmund’s own funnel/webinar where he teaches people how to make money online and eventually sells his high ticket coaching program. 

The conversion rate across my funnels varies from 0.1% to as high as 40% for some lead gen pages. 

I am proud of my design skills and creation because I have a very high standard when it comes to designing. And I value a beautifully designed funnels/websites that are aligned with the client’s brand guidelines while being responsive across all devices as well.

Even after that, I worked with a Fintech company (Loanstreet) and a large MNC (Green Packet Sdn Bhd) and recently a B2B marketing agency (Brighttail) and design landing pages and funnels for them using Elementor, Hubspot, Webflow and Leadpages. Some of their landing pages/web pages are made purely with backend coding (with the help of programmers of course) and I also have experience working with Ui/UX designers as well and able to translate their Figma design into a working prototype/web design. I am also able to build mood boards and design prototypes in Figma and Mockplus myself. 

Right now I’m on a career break and freelancing full-time to focus on 2 things:

  1. Full Mind, Body and Soul Recovery. Because I was diagnosed with cancer last year (July 2022), and I’ve achieved total remission (cancer free) by January 2023.Thank God for that. My body is healthy and well but not as strong as I used to be pre-chemo. I only regained full mental and body capability around the end of February 2023.
  1. Fighting cancer for the 2nd round. Yes, unfortunately I was diagnosed again with cancer in April 2023, this time it’s at a new location: Inside my head, below my left brain behind my left eye😅 I believe and the Doctors also believed that it is due to the long recovery gap that I took between the chemo cycle because I experience some severe side effects of chemotherapy which require me to rest more. 

I thought of going full-time freelance for the long term and eventually turning it into a full-time business but because I was recently diagnosed with cancer again, I don’t want to subject myself to too much stress and pressure by taking on many clients and projects and managing so many moving parts. That’s why I decided to serve just one client (you) 😆 even though I know that I’m gonna serve many clients and projects under you. But I know I will be better in terms of my mental health because I will be working with an amazing team of people on any particular project. And of course, it’s more fun working in a team/company than working as a freelancer, which can feel quite lonely sometimes, which is bad for mental health.

Also because I will be working a 9-5 job, I will have better peace of mind because my income is more stable. Having income stability would mean less stress to my mind, body and soul. 

If you worry or wonder if I can do a good job or not, don’t worry. Nothing, not even cancer can get in the way of me delivering high-quality, high-output work because my standard is just that high. Guess what, even when I had chemotherapy and recovering from cancer previously, I can still serve my employer and side clients, even though my work delivery becomes a bit slower. Besides, resting too much is seriously boring 😆😆

Guess what, if I can win the fight against cancer (Boss fight of all boss fights in life), I can win anything in life. So if you hire me, you’ll have a winner and a fighter in your team 😉😏

Just a heads up, from my past experience with chemotherapy, me and my employer has to agree on the fact that I may take sudden sick leave due to some unexpected side effects. Or on certain days, I may feel a bit weak and want to rest. So if you’re ok with that, then we’re going to go 😊 

Yes, I have other clients on the side I’d like to maintain. Right now I have 2 long-term retainer clients that I’m serving which pays for my living expenses. If this causes a conflict of interest, then I wouldn’t mind having my client onboard as a client of WARP. 

But if I am allowed to do my side freelance gig while working for WARP, then I would proceed to do so. Either way, it would be a win-win situation because any insight that I gained from serving my side clients can also be used to improve the results and conversion for WRAP clients. 😊

Are you asking about my career goal? But since you use the word “Goals”, so I believe you’re asking for many goals right? 😊 

So, I have set many goals for various areas of my life (12 areas to be exact). But let me just share with you a few.

💼Career Goal: I want to (and I will) impact more lives by creating courses around foods and habits that can cure and prevent anyone from cancer. If you’re curious about the numbers, well, at least 1 million lives before/by Dec 2025.

At the same time, I just love to help people and businesses grow through my skills and ability. (Marketing and funnel building) If you’re curious about the numbers, well, my target is to help each and every one of my clients achieve at least a million dollars in sales (zero to one) if they haven’t yet. Or if they are an established business, I aspire to help them achieve 1 to 2. (Adding 1 more zero to their already million-dollar businesses)

🥰Family/Love Goal: I want to (God’s willing) build a beautiful loving family life with my wife. 🥰

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Friendship Goal: I want to (and I will) be friends with many more amazing people and entrepreneurs. So together, we all can create more positive impacts in this world while we are still alive. (while I am still alive 😊)

🪙Financial Goal: To be able to retire with an investment portfolio that pays me $5000 USD a month by Dec 2037. (No, I’m not gonna retire) But at least my survival is secured so I can do bigger things in life. Or even if I fail, I won’t hit the ground hard with zero dollars in the bank account.

👁️Life Vision: By or before Dec 2037, to buy and modify a campervan and travel the world, starting with Asia, together with my wife, and hopefully (God’s willing) with my kid as well. At the same time, I will document my travel journey so I can inspire more people to do the same. 

I have been working remotely full time since early 2020 and I love it because I can take care of my health (mind, body and soul) while working at the same time. I’ve also created a comfortable and productive work environment at home so I can always deliver value and quality work to my clients and employers. But of course, once in a while, I would work from any cafes, co-working space, beaches or places with nice views so I can keep my creative juice flowing. In fact, I would achieve the “state of flow” when doing work in some of these places. The state of flow, if you never heard of it before, is a state of ultimate productivity and creativity. Simplest way I can explain it is being in a state where I feel invincible and can achieve and manifest anything that I want in this world. Also, I feel so happy and excited to get work done during said state.

Sure. See above 🙂 I’ve probably over-delivered. by A LOT🤣

Oh yeah, that’s also one of my values. To overdeliver and over-exceed expectations. 

Some behind the scenes with my clients

Whenever possible, I would meet up with my clients and hang out with them so I can get deep into their business and help them beyond just building websites and funnels.

So these are some of the photos of me and my clients 😊 I know these are not necessary at all 😝

But in a way, I just want to show you guys that I value my clients not just as another lead or sales or numbers, but as a genuine human being 😊

Fun Fact: I designed this sales page while going in and out of the hospital 😝

P.S: Just a heads up, from my past experience with chemotherapy, me and my previous employer has to agree on at least 3 things:

  1. The fact that I may take sudden sick leave due to some unexpected side effects.
  2. Or on certain days, I may feel a bit weak and want to rest.
  3. I need to take rest on the day I have chemotherapy.

    So if you’re ok with that, then we’re good to go 😊