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Hi there! Not sure how you got here but I’m pretty sure that I shared this with you somewhere somehow. Feel free to have a look around. FYI, designing is just a fun side hustle of mine. My real strength lies in growing businesses through digital marketing. I’ve achieved a lot so far in life, including running two 6 figures businesses on the side and running multi-million dollar campaigns for big corporations. You can see it all in my LinkedIn profile

That’s why my clients love me. I don’t just design for fun and for beauty. I share with them real strategies for growth. So if you think I’m the right fit for you, then let’s discuss the possibility of working together πŸ™‚

I Mainly Build Funnels And Websites On​


But also has experience building funnels and websites on

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Some of my Design portfolio

Do note that some of the websites and pages below are no longer online. Those that are online are clickable. There are also some very old websites that I’ve designed and by my design standard today, they’re ugly lol. But don’t worry, I only design beautiful websites now.Β 

here's an Example of How I turn an ugly design into a beautiful one A website for an education consultantscreencapture-internationalsuisseedu-2023-05-14-00_47_53-min

What my clients say

Testimonial from Coach Kar Fei,

Links to his Social Media Profiles:

Testimonial from Dave Rogers, Business Coach

Links to his Social Media Profiles:

Some behind the scenes with my clients

Whenever possible, I would meet up with my clients and hang out with them so I can get deep into their business and help them beyond just building websites and funnels.

So these are some of the photos of me and my clients 😊 I know these are not necessary at all 😝

But in a way, I just want to show you guys that I value my clients not just as another lead or sales or numbers, but as a genuine human being 😊

Fun Fact: I designed this sales page while going in and out of the hospital 😝