Hello my brothers and sisters who’s fighting cancer, I have something good coming for you 😇

This is purely experimental, but long story short, I with the help of my wife, Jean (a former doctor), and a few of our doctor, pharmacist and nutritionist friends will personally guide you in an exclusive 3-month cancer-fighting program that covers 3 key areas:

1. My entire nutrition/diet regime

I will teach you things like:

  • what to eat / not to eat to kill cancer.  
  • how to rejuvenate body cells
  • avoid/reduce side effects from chemo/cancer treatment by taking certain supplements/natural herbs
  • fasting regime to starve cancer while the rest of body cells are nourished

On top of that, I will also be sponsoring up to 50% of their nutrition/supplement cost. That’s right. These are the very same supplements that I took which gave me incredible recovery and fighting chance against cancer.

The cancer fighters will also have access to my nutritionist and pharmacist friend who will guide, give advice and monitor their journey, free of charge. It’s free because we are truly passionate about our mission of helping people fight and prevent cancer.

2. Mindset & healing practices

Nutrition and diet alone are simply not enough in the fight against cancer. In my case, I had to develop a resilient mindset and positive outlook/expectation when fighting cancer.

Throughout my experience, mindset makes a BIG difference between life or death. I’ve seen patients who gave up completely and passed away sometime later because they just couldn’t cope with the treatments and the side effects.

So I will share my practices and practices which include visualization, meditation, and prayers.

3. Make Money Online

This is a BIG one, and it is something that most cancer patients like myself used to struggle with. Here’s the thing, without money, there won’t be enough to even afford proper nutrition to keep the body healthy while undergoing cancer treatments. 

And for a lot of cancer fighters that I used to encounter, they are jobless and had to rely on other means to support their treatment. Some of them are jobless for months and even years. Kesian la I tengok.

So, here’s what I want to do. I will personally guide them on a journey to earn $1k to $2k USD/month in 1 year’s time (yes, US dollar), from the comfort of their home or hospital bed or wherever. 

I’m currently on the same journey too, and now in my 2nd month, I’ve made $5.6 dollar so far. Nothing fancy to shout about.

I’m on the same journey too, and now in my 2nd month, I’ve made $5.6 dollar so far. Nothing fancy to shout about. Basically what I’m doing is affiliate marketing and I know the strategy very well (for I have 8 years of experience in digital marketing) and I have a highly successful coach who’s made over 8 figures guiding me as well. My goal is scarier, I’m aiming for my magic number of $22k/month by Dec 2024.

I know it’s possible because I’ve known dozens of people who started with no knowledge whatsoever and made more than $50k a month in 12 month, some even surpasses $100k/month which is mindblowing.

So $1k to $2k is not big, but it’s good money, good enough to cover living expenses while working only 1-2 hours a day. Yeah, that’s all it takes. 1-2 hours a day consistently for 1 year. (And I can confidently say that you’ll make that $1k to $2k (or more) with 80% success rate). The remaining 20% is whether you’re willing to put in the work or not.

And this is the best job for a cancer fighter because they can do this anywhere without requiring much physical activity. A laptop, phone and internet connection are all it takes to get started. I wished I had started earlier also, but no worries, it’s just a matter of time.

But here’s the catch. For a start, I will only guide 10 cancer fighters under this program. It’s not for the weak of heart. I need real fighters. Those who will do whatever it takes to recover and to live a good life. There’s no room for quitters. I know true cancer fighters will appreciate this opportunity because it literally is the difference between life and death for them. 

Also, why 10? Because this is still a work in progress and also because of my limited time too. Once we’ve run this for at least 3 months and improve it further, then only we’ll open the door for more people okay 🙏

In this program, there’s gonna be weekly calls as well to catch up on everyone’s progress. There’s gonna be homework for everyone as well. 

So how to apply to be one of the 10 fighters? 

To apply, you need to fill in this google form:


For those that did not get selected, don’t worry, they can join this Facebook group that I just created where me, my wife Jean and our fellow doctor, nutritionist, and pharmacist friends will be sharing advice on nutrition and mindset.

Update: I’m setting up another fb group for Malaysian only, and will use Bahasa Melayu as main language: https://www.facebook.com/groups/895395372154527

Also, share this post with a cancer fighter that you know ok 😊

P.S: For those that did not get selected, don’t worry. I will open the doors for you guys too. The reason I start with 10 people is so that I can fine-tune the program and execution so that I can help more cancer fighters out there.

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